Updates to the Desmond children’s book have been slow since I’ve been busy painting this wicked LOST poster!


As you can see, it’s a parody of the classic Chantrell Star Wars poster. I’ve had this image in the back of my mind for a couple years now, but ever since art school I’ve shied away from realistic depictions and stuck to cartooning. I had a blast doing it, though.

And it’s not without purpose! As I will let my kids explain in this video:

They actually left out a couple of things. Like how their mom also broke her toe during the plumbing fiasco, then she was diagnosed with this weird syndrome and has to take medication for, like, ever. Oh, and the vacuum blew up.

Anyway, we blew through a few thousand of our Comic-Con trip savings real quick, so I thought this could be a good way to do something fun about it. We have our passes and everything, but travel money is short.

If you could help spread the word our family would be so grateful!

Info about the poster prints:

  • 15 x 22″ gicl√©e prints on super nice velvet cotton paper.
  • Limited edition of 108.
  • Signed and numbered.
  • (Frame not included)
  • $50 shipped via FedEx in the US
  • $60 shipped internationally

Pre-Order links below. Expect to ship out in the next week or two at the latest!

click to see bigger!

“May the Force Be with You All Everybody”
15 x 22″ limited edition of 108, signed and numbered.

Shipping (US/Canada)

$50 shipped


Shipping (International)

$60 shipped


BONUS! Everyone who pre-orders by July 3rd will get an extra little art print as our gift.

PS- We’re still evaluating whether to ship these flat or rolled. I’m leaning toward flat, but I would love to hear your feedback if you feel strongly one way or the other. Thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve already gotten some requests for a t-shirt with this design, so we’ll try and get something set up with MySoti or Cafe Press. Stay tuned!

UPDATE2 (6/27 10:30PM): Barely through the first day and we’ve already sold more than half! GIGANTIC thanks to Damon Lindelof for tweeting about it, to Jo Garfein for being such a champion of LOST and my art, and to everyone on Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube who’ve had such wonderful things to say. The kids are SO thrilled out of their minds it was hard to put them down for bed!

UPDATE3 (6/28 1:45PM): We have sold over 75% already! Oh my gosh, you guys, you’re amazing. Amazing! A number of people have mentioned wanting one but needing a little time. We want everyone who really wants one to be able to get it, so we’re going to set aside a handful for you guys. If I have your contact info already I’ll try to get in touch with you about reserving one.

On the matter of shipping flat vs rolled, the response has been overwhelmingly in favor of rolled, so we’re now looking at some nice sturdy packaging for rolled prints. :)

UPDATE4 (6/29 5PM): SOLD OUT! Oh gosh oh gosh! THANK YOU THANK YOU! We love you all so much for making this happen! Having trouble forming complete sentences right now. Emotions! Gather. Gather. Okay, if you missed out, a few folks reserved copies, so it’s possible for cancellations. If you want to get on a waiting list, send me an email! jj (at ) lostincomics (dot) com. I will keep posting fulfillment progress, so watch out! We’ll talk soon…