my local comic shop Dragon’s Keep turns 23 years-old this Saturday, September 11, and they’re celebrating with a bash! a bunch of the local pro comic talent–somehow that includes yours truly–will be on hand to draw sketches and make with the colorful comic time merriment. so if you are going to be in Utah’s neck of the woods, stop by and I will draw LOST drawings for you…for free! can’t beat that!

*more info about the shindig*

in sadder news, LOST in Comics is decidedly late this week. it was feeling a little under the weather what with all the partying it did last holiday weekend, so I gave it the week off. the first vacation it’s had in over 30 weeks! the good news is that it’s already finished for next week and dying to show itself off!

so just for you here is a sneak peek at the first panel from LOST in Comics episode 32 featuring the return of the “smoke monster!”

LOST in Comics #32 Preview