LOST in Comics prints

didja know there are prints of these LOST comics available? they make great gifts! they’re pretty nice, too! all archival and stuff. on cotton paper! like your t-shirt, but flatter and more stiff! that’s what she said.

previously on LOST (in Comics) you had to click the “buy print” button underneath the comic you wanted as a print, but I tried to make it a little easier by adding some of the fan favorites to my shop section. yay favorites! I also fixed it so you can add multiple prints to your paypal cart without wracking up crazy shipping charges. yay combined shipping!

see how nice they look framed…

LOST in Comics framed prints
give the gift that says “you are my constant” give LOST in Comics

and I’m working on other stuff for the future. here’s a peek at something I am testing out…could you see yourself in one of these babies?

LOST shirt samples