A peek at the little bonus painting we’re including with each of the LOST Star Wars posters. Everyone who pre-ordered will get one of these prints as an extra thank-you!

Get a better look over at my tumblr.

The posters are turning out beautifully. We really took our time with proofing to get the colors just right and super vibrant. I think everyone’s going to be very happy! We’re just waiting for some shipping supplies to arrive then we’ll begin mailing out the first batch.

And now for a bit of awkward news. Originally the poster edition was to be limited to 108, which as you know is a nice fitting number from LOST lore. However, we relied on PayPal’s email notifications to tell us when to turn off the pre-order links. Big mistake. Hours after we reached 108 and marked it as sold out, a batch of order notifications came in. Uh oh!

Apparently in the last minutes Rebecca Mader retweeted about it (Miss Charlotte! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!). I’m sure that played a part.

To add to that, during all of the hullabaloo somebody from the LOST production team contacted us about getting a batch for a very special occasion (DOUBLE SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!). I can’t say who just yet. Sworn to secrecy! Soon. Soon.

And so…After an email exchange with the first over-order person about canceling their order and issuing refunds left me with the hot poops, we decided that it sucks to be meanies. In the end, we expanded the print run to accommodate the extras. The final edition is now 160.

If this upsets anyone who already ordered, we totally understand and would be happy to talk about it. Just know that the decision was not out of greed, although it will be nice to eat real food in San Diego and not just fish crackers, but out of wanting to be fair to people who ordered under the wire.

We went into this with no expectations and the response has been nothing short of amazing. AMAZING! I am completely humbled. The lostie community is so full of love and camaraderie! We still have a healthy number of people emailing in every day to get on the waiting list or even just to send congratulations and wish our family a good time and safe travels. We love you all!

May the force be with you all everybody!