Awwwww Vincent! Today, Profiles in History kicks off “LOST the Official Show Auction” in which all that remains of the LOST costumes and props will be sold to the highest bidder.

Part of me thinks all this stuff belongs on display at a museum or someplace classy like Disneyland. Then again I’m happy that they will go to die hard losties. Believe you me, if I lacked a wife with common sense there is not any length I would not go to in order to snatch up everything in the catalog. I would dig the biggest hole of debt imaginable! I would be poor, but I would have my LOST things and could die crazy happy.

Thank goodness for Gandhi who reminds us that happiness comes not from things but the pride we feel from the hard work that we do. And so I make comics. This makes me happy. Happier than having the Namaste photo or Sawyer’s letter on my wall. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.