About the Author

JJ Harrison loves LOST. He loves comics. He also likes to dress up in a white hot candy shell and run around with the 501st and his toy raygun going “pyoo pyooo.”

JJ lives in Orem, Utah with his bossy wife, Jennifer, and 2 rad kids, Magnolia and Venture. They own a family business called BAM POP! where they make art supplies and other crafty things for kids of all ages. He has also worked with nerdy IT companies for over a decade and traveled around the world doing freaky nerd stuff like php, xml APIs, and oracle DBs.

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Email: jj (at) lostincomics (dot) com


Grandma, are you reading this? Here’s what some nice folks are saying about LOST in Comics

Whitney Matheson @ USA Today’s Pop Candy writes:

LOST in Comics is a cute and whimsical take on the often dark and confusing series.

Josh Wigler @ ComicsAlliance writes:

“Lost In Comics” is my new favorite thing. Thank you, JJ Harrison – J.J. Abrams would certainly be proud of your work, and I bet Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse would have a good chuckle over it, too.

Cyriaque Lamar @ io9 writes:

J.J. Harrison’s Lost In Comics series recasts the castaways as a bright and cheery comic strip while simultaneously emphasizing the show’s dark, totally screwed-up streak.