Superman has become an even bigger lostie since the last time we saw him.

So…This one time I was making drawings for kids at an event at my local comic shop when this cute little boy walked up to our table to ask for a drawing. These are the best people ever to take a commission from!

You can imagine my disappointment when he asked the much more talented, much more friendly, artist sitting next to me, Jess Smart Smiley, if he would draw Superman for him. Jess was in high demand that day and needed to finish a drawing for another kid. This little boy patiently waited for Jess. In the mean time, I was sitting there with nothing to do. I began drawing up what I thought would be a nice Superdood for the little guy.

I was nearly finished when Jess finally finished his other drawing (Jess talks a whole lot while he draws so it takes him a long time, unlike me who often has nobody to talk or draw for–sad). So Jess goes, “Alright ya little whippersnapper, whaddya want again?”

The kid takes a deeeeep breath and says, “I want you to draw Superman…..but not like that” as he points at my drawing.

Devastated. All the other artists and nerds there pointed at me and laughed. Jess, too. Laughed and pointed with one hand while drawing what I’m sure was an awesome Superman with his other. I couldn’t really see. Through the tears. Superman sucks.