*Want to win a fancy art print of this comic? Read on!*

Every now and then, in between the more zany strips, I’m going to illustrate my favorite moments from LOST. Jack and Locke staring down the hatch is totally one of those.

Let’s kick this mini-series off with a CONTEST!

I am giving away a wicked full-color art print of this comic on beautiful velvet cotton rag paper.

To participate is easy! Just leave a comment on this comic. After a week, on Wednesday June 30, I’ll literally put all the comments in a hat and randomly draw one. If i draw your name you win! See. Easy right?

So get commenting! Of course you can also buy a print of this or any of the LOST comics. And for every print sold I will plant a tree. No really!

P.S. Multiple comments are awesome, but will only be counted once. International friends are welcome, too! :)

UPDATE! (6/24) Thanks SO much everyone!! Reading your comments is amazing. I love you all! Maybe we should make this contest a reoccurring thing! I’m down if you are.

To answer some of the questions that have come in…

The deadline for the contest is the moment the next comic goes up, which is next Wednesday. So until then keep them coming! I will post the lucky winner here on the blog and get in touch over email. If you’re not following the RSS or Twitter already now is a great time to start!